cast: Lucyna Szierok at Mirror Self-analysis, 2016


The main theme oscillates around self-analysis made by the author who shows you the most hidden moments from our every single day. The series of photographs shows how the society tries to find own place in totality. In cooperation with the most talented actors he presents you the extraordinary side of our hidden nature which is triggered when we are alone. Mirrors are the dominant elements in this vision. They can be the connectors between us and something supernatural or just partners to an intimate personal conversation. In the context of today’s beauty canons the author raises a question about the sense of our obsessive pursuit to the pinnacle of perfection that maybe does not exist at all.




The series of photographs are inspired by “Possession,” the movie by Andrzej Żuławski from 1981 which was a creation of extreme experiences.  At this incredible filmmaker’s vision we can observe a very complicated psychological study of the characters from the movie. That impressive movie has been created in the convention of aesthetic thriller which surprises you with severity and authentic emotions. It was the main element to create series of photographs which show the inner possession and all of these emotions are visible by means of extreme exhaustion and apathy. Referring to the world of fashion and the area of consumer goods, the author is able to create the concept of everyday masking that in our daily routine becomes the reason of false self-acceptance and functioning in different areas of existence. Today’s mass culture gives people a horizon of opportunities and interacts with it in a meaningful way, allowing them to define their needs with hidden desires. At the same time it clamps them in their own chaos of imagination and desire, acting destructively on their self-esteem.



Untitled, 2013
“The crying game”, 2016