By delving into the fashion industry, you can quickly see how a contemporary image of a woman affects consumer awareness. The #widurskiwoman concept, its origins, was taken from the background of fashion photography, which in its assumption had a precise and sophisticated way to show the aesthetics of products. Women’s presence for centuries has been and is an inseparable part of such topics as love, lust, sexuality, motherhood. This femininity could also symbolise extreme emotions, rising to the rank of femme fatale.
Social mirror theory is a how I imagine myself in the way other people think about me. It seems to be the most invasive process of capturing our ideas about ourselves and the environment in which we exist.Schema of this type of attitude can be assessed as highly self-destructive. But only when we experience the consequences of this concept privately, can we induce the drastic nature of today's patterns of arranging moods and attitudes towards portraying the image of women and men in the media.
read more about the topic at Journal of Gender and Power:
Article: Self-identification in the context of original concept of feminine type of personality in contemporary photography #widurskiwoman
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